Wednesday, 25 April 2007


Hmmm….with the advent of slogging period for us guys I am finding it a hard time to update my posts. The past two weeks have passed away so swiftly, filled with varied emotions, tension and pressure of meeting deadlines that I couldn’t even spare a moment to recapture a glimpse to relive the events. The beginning of these events was marked by commencement our final Term Tests. Although Tests are not at all a big issue at our prestigious college, where we enjoy the liberty to copy as much until we get bored of even doing that and where knowing the probable questions for the tests beforehand is much more like a birth right… still the frustration of writing the answers down on the paper for formality is immeasurable. Thus, nobody or nothing can reduce the importance of copying in our college life. Even the saintly souls who crossed the threshold of our college four years back worshipping the spiritual lambency of education have reverted to cheating having invested their brains to master the skills.

Well… such is the case with us guys and mind you we get a bit touchy with this critical issue and treat it with at most seriousness….hehe… Generally our strategic planning works well until this beefy guy turns up n spoils every damn setting!!!
I couldn’t contain this emphatic zealousness for poetry…as words spur out automatically whenever I think of this eccentric ludicrous lethargic nerd!

This will give a better idea-

” No limit to define this guys lethargy!
prefers to fail!, rather make it early.

Like always he commeth, as 'blank as a wall'
Relying entirely on frnds- me fote n all...

Beaming at us, beyond the crowd reverberating
we curse d fucking bastard! to spoil all our setting

Still, generously we accept him...widout a big fuss
but holla!!!...the fatso sits right between us!!!

Desperate yet musing, he peeps thru' binoculars!
"Bullshit!" he argues...contemplating over our answers

wat next? no bdy gets to copy...

We give up in the end...frustrated to the core.
only to find the asshole cracking a better score!

We admire u honey...
from d ice cool 'chond' to that ogre like trod...
but hell!!! Not Again! we solemnly swear to GOD!

phew......! “

The man in picture- “honey” in Harpreet, one of my closest buddies.

What ever be the case, it’s all over now. These are one of those memorable moments, no matter how frustrating, I would be missing ahead in my life. My foremost partner in crime during such college term tests happens to be an adroit manipulator in real life too- Nikhil Fotedar….others contributing to the coveted list include Tanmay Deshpande- daring and bindaas generally always careless and the first one to get nabed by the invigilators.... Sanket- always the most knowledgeable amongst all guys and a new addition to our gang Tirtha alias ‘chutki’- wears an inocent and confused look but always a helping hand...then there is Preetika-the college topper, though she belongs to a different category altogether, as she has never reverted to copying in her entire life!!! but has a bigger heart to provide all the help in desperate situations.... sitting to her left will probably make you the second highest scorer ;)

Ill miss u all.......