Monday, 2 June 2008

NarcistiC CogniZance....

Thy world may be in peril

Don’t live in Haste…

Life generously bestows,

unless you care to taste!

You’ve craved for it,

with beseeching eyes!

What all you expected…

got nothing but lies.

So what? If not green!

The grass is still….

Until you scoop it,

Regret, you never will…

The immaculate sun,

and refulgent light!!!

How can you jus give up,

Without even a fight???

That mouse is awed!

sinking deep in milk…

which buttered its way out,

with the power of its will.

So, absolve thy self….

triumphing the supreme!

Whisper like breath of success,

quite mystique yet serene…

In aeternum!, follow thy heart,

Let it sing and sway…. :D

Plethora of joy and happiness

will sparkle all your way...(",)