Saturday, 15 September 2007

sTRUCK Wrongly!!!!

A few days ago, violence erupted Agra when a speeding truck ran over 4 youths who were on there way to participate in the Shab-e-barat festival, during the wee hours.
Following the dreadful incident, members of the community rose to fury, taking on the streets and stopping vehicular movement in the Dhakran crossing area….
By the next day, people got so much enraged upon the decrepit laws and rules governing the safety of people pertaining to such road accidents. The immediate result was an up roar in the city which was certainly uncalled for, as the mob of angry localites vented out their aggression on the most easily available commodity- Public Property!
Lots of vehicles were set ablaze by the mob, 20 amongst the torched were Trucks-of innocent poor people who had no hand in the incident what so ever-and of course transport buses and police vehicles.

Once they are
backed by a motive (better to call it than a ‘cause’) which is appreciated by all, people are grabbed by this uncontrollable frenzy which leads them to organize themselves into a mob and unleash the havoc on the city. The locals went on a rampage indulging in arson and stone pelting. The torpid police couldn’t do much so as frighten them and took a back seat obviously, being blamed already for the poor traffic control they couldn’t risk ruining their mane by overpowering the mob. It took the life of one innocent cop, one mobster and injuring more than 50 policemen and firemen apart from imposing a curfew in at least six localities to finally cool down the lava. Schools and colleges remained closed for three days. Many factories were also set ablaze some attempts being futile but still sufficient to terrorize many more.

Agreed, that the boys really didn’t deserve their poor fate! And it’s always good to see that people coming forward to express their agitation towards the government. I would also say that this kind of integrity is far less visible in a busy metropolis like Mumbai itself, but there should be a limit to be expressive of ones anger. It should not be at the cost of someone else’s expense. The incident in Agra was a poor example of people bullyragging the public property creating unrest for no sense at all. It ultimately claimed 2 lives, one of them an innocent cop and leaving more than 7 people in a critical state, not to mention the damage done accounting for crores of rupees. The closure of shops, factories and educational institutions ultimately disrupting business and education system in the city Was this all called for??? Who is worse? The rash truck driver or the public??
After all who wants to claim four innocent lives for no reason….but what about the damage and destruction that people purposely did???? May be for a good cause, but vaguely my senses tell me the cause hardly remained a good one, once they reverted to riot.

This isn’t a new story, It has happened on numerous occasions. When ever people feel like expressing their disgust with some one, they shamelessly and ruthlessly vandalize public property, one which is easily available and one they consider it is for them. Often in Mumbai BEST and NMMT buses are used as the cheaply available bait whenever shiv sena or other activist group has to have its say in some or the other stupid matter of no body’s concern. It’s gaining popularity and is being wickedly accepted as the best means to either uplift the public image of such activist groups or by the localites infuriated by some shuddersome incident.

What is astounding to me is that people are very much losing their moral values only get drifted along the flow of the generated current, proliferating to an extent unimaginable, I don’t know by whom. What the hell did they gain out of it??? They have posed themselves as equals to the crime committed by the run away truck driver. Public property is to be gratified, not to be rubbished out so cheaply! And as for the poor people, who have no say in anything, yet they become the victims of such unethical and unwanted outbursts…loosing lump sums if not their lives.

Government should imply sticker norms when it comes to such horrendous riots. As for my personal opinion, the administration should fricassee their testicles for breakfast and if they still seem undeterred? Then their spleen should follow….

Its really a pity for those poor truck drivers whose trucks suffered the burns of an unlikely incident….no wonder these days they rush to the nearest pit hole to cover their own and their vehicles ass, as soon as they get the slightest hint or a smell of an upcoming riot.
The administration did announce an ex-gratia relief of Rs one lakh each to the next of the kins of the deceased but I strongly feel that compensation should also be provided to the owners of the trucks and other vehicles destroyed; let the sum be paid for, by the localites of the district.

People should be made aware about this kind of self-mortification, as it is by no means helpful to any one! Developing a feeling of integrity is one thing and making innocent people pay for some one else’s wrong doings is another. There are enough bright minds out there that should come up with better means to express their grievances let alone disrupting the peace and harmony of the surroundings.

Friday, 7 September 2007

Kyunki Saans me Kabhi Badboo Thi....

Grounded at home these days, I pry upon the opportunity, to sometimes gauge my mental stability by watching obnoxious soap operas produced by Ekta Kapoor.
This one is about a very popular n probably the longest running serial- “Kyun ki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi” or simply “kyun ki” which I happened to watch the other day, accidentally being late for dinner, nevertheless it got me hoodwinked to an extent that I postponed my work the next day just to glimpse the dramatic end of an ongoing intermediary melodrama. Not to mention the dinner that day, which I totally forgot kept below my nose, as the trauma of the episode was flabbergasting. It left me wondering that Himesh Reshamiya really did a great job in his “Aap ka Suroor”.

Well here is how the pathetic story runs by…..

There lives a s
tupid old lady by the name of ‘Tulsi’ the protagonist of this show, who is married to an exceedingly rich businessman 'Mehir Veerani', although because of some unfortunate turn of events he is left with merely a few clinging pennies. Tulsi, a daughter to a pooraji, is obsessed with his ‘thakurji’ and ‘haridwar’ and can blow the shit out of your head by all the ramayan n mahabharat crap! Apparently the poor script writer was made to slog these ancient epics numerous times that now he can’t even breathe out without resonating religious undertones….

So, Tulsi having undergone a plastic surgery for some unfortunate reasons….probably coz Smriti Irani hav had enough of this shit for over five years….has now acquired the face of the beloved wife ’Juhi’ of another maniac called “Juss Thakral” who some how happens to be a rich business man himself
Look at the height of co-incidence!!!! No less than a miracle! Not only does her face changes n finds resemblance with the other woman…her hair, body, her skin colour, even her finger size is tested to match exactly with thakral’s wife! Imagine the extent of stupidity as characters in the serial are actually shown prying upon these minor stupid details ultimately creating an altercation and the usual family break up shit!...for what???....just to uncover the real identity of the new ‘Tulsi’....

Bloody Hell!!!! How stupid can one get????? If a new actor is brought in obviously every part of her body will change!
Another interesting fact….the word middle-class don’t exist for these people who make this urban rich family melodramas nor do they happen to have the slightest knowledge of the rich families…. they see no limit, as a new born is often seen coming in these families toddling with a 300 crore cheque in his hand instead of a bauble or a doll….
Give me a break!......

Well this ‘thakral’ guy portrays the role of a psycho maniac who is presently in a traumatic state of mind for the loss of his wife until he sees “tulsi” wearing her new glamorous look. He then begins to plot funky schemes, obviously over hyped by the public for no reason what so ever, to win his beloved back. He is apparently obsessed with her scent, her touch, her voice n ahem ahem….too.
So one fine day this guy learns that d house opposite of which tulsi lives, is on an auction. Now how much lucky you one get???? Horse Shit to follow…. No particular reason for the auction was mentioned. To hell with the auction, what amazes me is how they managed to crop up the neighbors who had no existence since the flourishing past five generations of Veerani parivar! Getting back to shit…….So with the might of his mysteriously earned money he fights Mehir to get the possession of the house by bidding higher, knowing that tulsi’s husband is mere small timer now.
However, wining the house dint seem to satisfy his lust as he could only ‘watch’ all the action through his night vision binoculars through his window let alone himself enjoy it much like frustration of the little boy in 'Malena' :) This boils him to fury. Mean while Tulsi is having a hard time at her own house with her daughter- in-laws constantly torturing n pestering her…apparently bored of her dharmik shit!. They don’t believe that she is the real Tulsi even after a conformation of the DNA report. God!...I cant imagine ladies in such rich high class families have nothing else in life to do other than cribbing about someone’s not so fabulous hairdo, the vague simplicity of their elders, colour of their drivers livery, the usual event of their child’s imprisonment caught in drug abuse...blah blah.. (the word abuse is only contemporary to my usage of the phrase…to them it’s more of a pride! considering the money flushed out in possessing these stuff)

So….terribly pissed the ‘bahus’ plot against this ‘tulsi’ and one of them-'Damini' decides to meet with this “thakral guy” at his home to team up against the poor mystic spiritually lamented soul.
Now the cinematography is what bamboozles you….The interiors of the house is all dark and spooky....the first step inside will instinctively make you look around for bats…
Occasionally one can come across candles whose light expose some of the most horrible looking portraits goofy enough to spook the shit out the bats if at all they were there. Then the floor makes u realize that the set has been recently used for shooting a gag on Laloo’s barn, with hay n pieces of straw lying all over the place… time constraint!! Poor people din even get the time to clean up the mess before the new group comes to occupy the sets….There is no furniture inside the haunted house except for a rocking-chair where this beefy thakral guy lays his lazy ass all day musing over her wife’s photographs. He lives alone…with his numerous cats roaming all around him which is his second most dreaded obsession as he treats them like dear children…no wonder he has named his only son ‘Billy’…lol
Now…as one of the bahus- ‘Damini’ enters the den offering help….the largely ‘deprived’ guy makes a beeline for her and without a clue locks the door from inside. Viewers as well as Damini herself is confused by the toad like smile on his face apprehending his forth coming croak…n u know wat? D guy simply says that- “U are kidnapped hahaha” and getting the signal damini unwillingly has to stick to the script….n starts to cry.
Wow….had kidnappings been so easy I would have in no ways undergone the 4 torturous years of engineering only to slog in an IT company later on…..

He now sends a message to ‘Shantiniketan’ i.e. tulsi’s fortress, asking for ‘tulsi’ as ransom for Damini’s release.
What ever follows is cheap utter bullshit! of high quality n tantalizing odor!.....

Every body in the house gets cold feet….half of them give away and rush to the nearest toilet n the rest stand frozen on the ground half dead! The camera zooms up to ever ones face! Followed by a loud “swoosh” emphasizing every ones apprehension….amazingly this is the only part when the entire family is seen together…obviously who wouldn’t wana be seen in close up on TV????
Hell!!! That guy is unarmed and supposedly ageing over 50! Staying alone and that too in the neighborhood, how the hell he manages to terrorize someone to such an extent??? I mean do people really get this horror struck?? Or else how they manage to accept what ever crap Ekta Kapoor displays… me fellows. Getting back to the shit….Mehir and Tulsi’s most loyal son- ‘Karan’, decides to head to the police station…Though had he been given enough brains he would have rushed straight to the house and stormed it to rescue his bhabi….but nooooo this guy is a super smart kid of a superwoman. Tell you what? Even a baboon will have soo much brains to apply….and it have succeeded in it too. Mysteriously ‘Damini’s’ husband…’Gautam’ who is also a son to ‘tulsi’ was unavailable for the comment.
…meanwhile tulsi receives another threatening phone call from the neighboring house. Now is the most frustratingly hilarious part! Tulsi finally decided to submit herself to the hands of Thakral….looks around for some support…no one comes by….lol….
Finally wastes 10 precious minutes to boost her own confidence by spurring out some Sanskrit shlokas and Ramayana n Mahabharata references assuring herself of her duty to save her daughter from the demon “Ravan ke changul se bacha ke le aayegi ye seeta” lols lmao!
All useless dialogues uttered highlighting immodesty only to gain some lost respect shows us how to make the best use of the opportunity to shine yourselves in front of others, least bothering about the time that was being wasted instead of rescuing poor damini….well they like they say…it teaches us all…

So finally she reaches to Thakral’s house where she is given a warm welcome. The stupid Thakral thinks he as won the game….but god only knew how much of pain he was gona feel in his ass (call it- ‘prickly hot needling psychic verbal abuse’…so bad just imagine… constantly pricking your ass with a hot needle with the colder part protruding inside….ask why it is awful?? Coz the hotter region is still out side preventing you from even touching the needle and eventually letting it rot there) ….when Tulsi unleashed the fury of the ‘Ma kali’ much lethal than the ‘nerve gas’…actually can be called a better replacement of the nerve gas. Tulsi….already furious about the incident enrages with divine power!...amazing for a 65+ year old lady….(Bachpan me Pedigree kuch jyada ho gaya tha shyad) Thakral is at loss of words…as now tulsi starts to f**k him …verbally of course…. And then…….
Miraculously there appears a “Ma Kali’ Mandir inside the house…..just out of thin air!(God!!!....Can I have a couple of aspirins????? )
And tulsi hooks off the ‘trishool’ (a triple tipped pointed weapon) out of ma kali’s statue and terrorizes thakral….a flury of words, shlokas and references of ramayana, mahabharata, chandamama, tinkle…..badgering him continuously. The beefy big guy was turned into a whiskery poor old mouse lying down at her feet shocked and trembled…probably at the direction and the script of the story…or by the stingy odor of excessive cat droppings…it was hard to tell. Nevertheless Tulsi rescued her bahu and suddenly the next moment she is assumed to have dragged the man to the police station.
The Thakral guy was seemed to have brought to justice in style…..

Whoa!....people do really enjoy watching shit like this on television??? I am curious to know…coz lotsa money is put up in running this crap and even more money is generated here. All this made me ponder whether I have lost my touch with the present world or such shit is really appreciated. If it is? Then just wait Ms Ekta Kapoor I challenge your serendipity coz I can come up with much worse stuff than this and ruin your business. Lastly,

I feel sorry for the poor lady who characterizes Tulsi…as losing ones self respect and self- image doing a pathetic act on TV is one thing! Think of all the enchanting shlokas n mantras which would reverberate and haunt her mind for ages to come. Hmmmm…..someone has rightly said ‘Money Talks’(Paisa bolta hai…Jai jai money!)
But today I realized that shit sells too!!!
Good day folks...... :)

Thursday, 30 August 2007

Morphing thru' Time n Reality

Turning around groggily, ebbing from golden rays
His body numb, eyes swell, seeking unfound solace,
For, insinuating this epoch, arrives another dawn
He still lay on his bed reliving the moments gone…

Feeling the bliss the joy the happiness and the green
The enthusiasm for life trailed by an ecstatic scream
When the days were glee and the nights tranquil…
The morning sun brewed up fresh hope and good-will

Innocence of a pigeon, negligence of imbecile
Grown up in a nest too cozy and irresistible
Groomed with goodness to be competent! not gray
There lived a lad, whom anxiety would never foray

As sun begins to rise, amid the cock-crow cacophony
Thoughts now stirring contemporaneous melancholy
There came a dainty angel of whom he was too fond
Doting her mystic ambience from surface and beyond

Incipient era saw, two seeds strikingly effervescent,
But fate lashed out hard, the affair thus left evanescent.
The sun shone higher, hurtling him back to present,
Writhing by reality, engulfed by lonely crescent

Now he wishes to acclimatize, to this unforeseen reality
That life is a steady change, as true as mortality!
With good old friends to the valley of joy, these days will never last
Life is to walk ahead, with lingering reminisces of the past! :)

Thursday, 21 June 2007


Hell!!!(o)...I have come to write about my recent state of mind as usual.
This post is about something sooo boring that you will never be more bored by anything than by reading it. It’s about yesterday, yes 19th of June 2007 a day I wish to remember but again I am sure I will be bored to do such a thing. The fact that I am writing this post today is that I was too bored to even think about writing it yesterday. I was bored of TV I was bored of my computer I was bored of reading or playing anything and I was bored of my friends or rather they sounded bored of me. Can’t complain them it must be true because my boredom is very much contagious. I was so damn bored and I still am that I couldn’t imagine if I could be more bored in my life again. I wonder if there is a limit that my boredom still needs to cross to be declared at eternal boredom. I am too bored to even think about that stupid limit…I don’t even know why I am typing this post …probably in the hope that it will subside slightly just by talking about it! Is tooo bored more effective or very much bored sounds more distasteful??? Whatever I don’t care I am even bored to think about that.

Just curious...people have u ever felt dead and alive at the same time? Felt like exploding without making any kind of noise or without any element of force involved in it? C’mon even the fart carries a lot of these along with it. Ever felt like kicking your ass so hard that the vibrations caused by the impact can actually rupture your balls???

Well if not then you haven’t witnessed this infernal phenomenon called Obsessive Compulsive Boredom (OCB) very much different from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Now don’t criticize me because I stole much of the portion of the name from an already existing disorder OCD. I am too bored to come up with of any other name, besides this fits in just fine. If u think it doesn’t then you can very well blow up your PC coz this is my post and I have got the right to write whatever crap I want!. Boy….. some times being too bored can make you write a loot of lines just for nothing!

Well coming back to the crazy phenomenon called OCB. It is bound to happen at least once in every ones life. So be prepared to just spend a day in earthly hell. In this phenomenon one gets bored of every thing just about every thing in life, be it your most precious belongings or your most loved time-pass or whatever. Its intensity varies in magnitude and depends upon a lot of factors like:-

-Being too obsessed with the thought of having nothing to do and no body to talk to.
-Contemplating a hypothetical situation having no relevance to what so ever in real world practically.
-Stress from Girl/boy friends. Man this one is a real torture when one is suffering from lack of communication.
-Being too much optimistic about everything in life
-Expecting a priceless gift parcel from the “Prince of Al Badir” heh!
-Hoping against hope tremendously for receiving a French kiss from Catherine Zeta Jones that very instant! :p
blah! Blah!..…u can add anymore crap your self.

Now, How to find a cure to this Phenomenon????
NO cure! Absolutely. One can just wait for the time to drift by and wait eagerly for the next day to come. Next day the victim automatically feels much better because by then he/she is very much accustomed to suffer and suffer happily because they grow aware of the fact that it can’t get any worse!!!
The other way of subsiding it is by sleeping hardcore. Stuff your ears with as much cotton that makes you are deaf preventing you from hearing your own cries.

Is their any way to prevent it or postpone its occurrence??
Yeah plenty!!! I don’t know about it now and probably I am still too bored to think about it! Don’t bug my ass if u still wanna know how? The answer is just opposite of what all points I have mentioned above, God! I am bored but not stupid enough to repeat all those again!

Is there any advantage of this syndrome???
Many, if you come to think of it in a positive manner. You can blame everything that’s going haywire to your boredom at that moment and no body can even complain. If you are too desperate in the initial stages of this syndrome then you can divert your bloody mind to lots of loony and idiotic thoughts and thus can develop entirely new interests in your lives that you would never have dreamt of doing. In this case if your luck shines then you come out of this syndrome happy in the initial stage itself, but then you will have to be prepared to witness this sometime in your life again! Another advantage is that one always comes off good coz they realize that they have survived this syndrome and are still alive! And they know that it can’t get any more worse, so why keep beating the shit out of your head. By the end of this day you somehow realize or force yourself to believe that there is always a funny and joyous side to every f****** boring thing in life and you now try to pursue it with determination. Call it lowering your threshold level which defines joy to you or whatever it is effective and that’s what matters!!! :)

Phew! I can’t believe I can come up with so much crap about just being too bored... :)

Any more questions??? I believe I am coming off this syndrome now slowly and steadily and I am not in a mood to extend my boredom any further by continuing to write and prepare a huge thesis. I leave this task to you all. Your precious comments are most welcome!

Sunday, 20 May 2007

In Pursuit of Happiness?????

Firstly, this has got nothing to do with the amazing movie starred by Will Smith along with his son. There was this incident that I witnessed a few weeks ago which obliged me to pen down my thoughts about it.

It was a dull Sunday evening. Our mixer broke down and mum needed it to prepare some chutney. She came to me holding the pot wearing the usual smile mixed with anticipation and I realized without a word that damn! I have to get it fixed. Being bored at home I used the opportunity to feed sum fresh air to my lungs and headed to the desired shop as directed.

The place was a small shabby settlement in one of the nearby buildings. The only room was divided into two by plywood, differentiating the store from the entry. A rusty old board hung from the top with one end crotched and clung to a protruding nail as if desperate for life. The battered shelves along with the main desk were full of spares and dilapidated machine parts longing to get back to life again. The entry to the shop was another challenge as the boundary of the building was dug in order to install cables. So, one had to walk over a rickety wooden plank to reach the place. The owner of the shop a (sindhi by looks) was apparently confused, disinterested and possibly overburdened by the amount of the work, did not bother to acknowledge me. I kept myself busy eyeing the stuff around.

Later…….. I saw a young boy, probably not more than 14, holding on to a heavy machine making his way to the shop. With pockets stuffed with tools and arms coated with grease, he called for help to get it past the wooden plank safely. He safely unloaded his arms n placed the contraption on the floor so delicately that it would have put a few mothers nurturing their children to shame. Looking as cheerfully and gracious he offered me the help I needed. My eyes were transfixed on this little fellow I couldn’t believe to be working at this good forsaken place. He wore a gregarious smile that was filled with deep satisfaction about something good in life. His face was radiant and his energy was visible by his agile mannerisms. He listened to me quiet obediently nodding at each comment trying to work his mind together….and no sooner did I finish, I found him already tinkering with the device. After a slender wait I was on my way back home awestruck by my encounter with the boy.

What astounded me was his enthusiasm and zealousness for working in such a filthy, claustrophobic environment surrounded by metal scrapes and plastic rubble….and that too at such an age!!!
I could only express my sorrow for the poor lad. His high spirits and evergreen nature was astounding, so was the way he politely accepted the harsh comments by people without taking anything down to his heart and maintaining an eternal contortion of lips- a truly adorable smile. :) He showed no sign of anguish in spite of working so hard. I instantly compared him with myself. Where my life has so far been pleasing, comfortable, all bright n sunny, still I found myself somehow lacking that spirit.

Now, what is this thing called happiness after all???

One can say happiness is an emotional or affective state that is characterized by feelings of enjoyment and satisfaction… well is that it? If it’s such simple a thing then why do people who are joyous n gleeful at one moment turn low n despondent at the other?

Also the obvious question- Are materialistic pleasures ($ money $) that ease our life are to account for a person’s state or level of happiness???

To an extent I believe they do but only a meager fraction…otherwise all the ghettos in the world would have been a scene of constant mourning. The pleasure derived from loved ones and from our good virtues is what matters the most. (Easier said than done. eh?)

Although it is well agreed that all of us go through varied emotions and mood swings, a lot of which depends on how complicated a life we lead as well as on the persisting circumstances. Often it is our own actions that complicate matters in our life as a result we waste stupendous time wandering around seeking solace.

That boy might have hit some kind of jack pot that day, but his happiness was worth instigating an uncanny feeling of happiness and a sense of leading a cherished life. It was sufficient to lift my spirits at least for the time being :)

Well, I guess someone has rightly said-
"People are always about as happy as they make up their minds to be."

Thursday, 10 May 2007


The State Transport (S.T.) of Maharashtra is one of a kind. Forming an opinion about their effectiveness and comfort is quite disputable.

The discommodities faced by poor mortals going through the same ordeal daily are shortly listed below:-

1. The over crowded bus is literally packed like sardines!!! People occupy every nook and corner of the bus adjusting to the limit of their flexibility ruining the crease and the shoe polish for poor office goers. The odor of the sweat has to be accepted as fragrance of love…

2. Now the type of the crowd…majority of them are gaowales!! Especially during he wee hours. These maniacs have no hygienic sense as to differentiate between a dustbin (I know I am asking too much!!) and a bus interior…bloody rascals spit inside the bus sitting just next to the window!....not to mention the flowery accent which they shower upon anybody who comes up with an argument.

3. If you are a humble guy like me ;) and there is a babe in the bus (by chance!!!) then its hell….as every desperate son of a bitch will try to occupy the space around the gal stamping pushing and shoving you out of the way as if you were worse than a piece of trash!!!

4. Luggage!... I still don’t know why the hell they don’t charge extra for surplus impedimenta that people stuff into ST. It’s frustrating for the people sitting nearby let alone the standing passengers.

5. Well… as the gaowala behaviour is predominant in every aspect, seat capturing is not left behind rather it has become an art. People having no courtesy, slide in from no where and place some part of their body to claim the sweaty seat! In case the window is seen unoccupied their belongings come in handy as they are thrown inside to capture the seat with whole satisfaction and dignity.

6. Well with all courtesy towards females :)….. It’s a disgrace that ST buses don’t have seats reserved for them…so they often land into embarrassing situations with people constantly shifting in a crowded bus and not to mention the conductor who has a throne reserved entirely for himself for which even the elderly people are denied access.

7. Last but not the least the rickety structure of the bus that shatters badly than a grinding machine could give away any moment. Often the bus is found tilted to such an extent that the inaugural stair rips off scraping against the road…not to mention the back ache suffered by the poor driver constantly adjusting to the angle ;)

Well…. As they say like the two sides of a coin every thing has got a good side and a bad side as well… (btw I cant figure out which side of the coin is bad…) so is the case with the ST buses. Here’s some of the things these buses are liked for-

1. Speed!!!! No wonder they are the fastest means of transport in Navi Mumbai…or even in Mumbai. It’s the biggest advantage of STs. This is made possible by having limited number of stops and stoppage times and using the highway route…Traffic signals are mere display lights inviting the driver to step over that accelerator! Surely with no high rise buildings and towers in India, ST bus is the only option Spider Man will revert to in desperate times… :)

2. Cost Effectiveness…These buses are cheaper than any other bus transport service across the whole state. Although the withered paper of the ticket is crumpled and punctured six times before it is handed, but who the hell cares??? as long as the printed price on it remains the same.

3. Brakes!!! Even though the structure of the bus is dilapidated and fragile, the disc brakes employed by it are capable of shaking the foundations of your body when applied suddenly. They are weird uncannily…. Always sudden and no matter how fast the bus is moving it will come to a halt covering the same distance.

4. Seats- Unlike most of the local buses the seats of ST are quite comfortable as they have better back support generally extending over till the head allowing one to relax and enjoy the bumpy ride.

5. Capacity!!! Even though it is overloaded with people, when in need its often great to be able to get inside somehow and commute the distance especially at the cost of other passengers comfort ;)

6. Windows- The windows are big and can slide along horizontally unlike the stupid ones employed by the BEST buses which need to be hanged!

7. Last but not the least, one can enjoy a god nap if he or she is able to find a comfortable seat and is on for a longer journey. The comfortable seat and the perpetual motion serves as a perfect combination to act a sedative which eases the journey especially if you have your ears plugged in to some good music.

Weighing the pros and the cons and accounting our personal experiences it’s difficult to conclude whether S.T. bus service should be called Superb Transport or Sadial Transport service. I have been relying on them since the past four years and have varied memories associated with it. All in all I believe, however problematic, they will continue to remain the life line for the residents of the Satellite City- Navi Mumbai.

Wednesday, 25 April 2007


Hmmm….with the advent of slogging period for us guys I am finding it a hard time to update my posts. The past two weeks have passed away so swiftly, filled with varied emotions, tension and pressure of meeting deadlines that I couldn’t even spare a moment to recapture a glimpse to relive the events. The beginning of these events was marked by commencement our final Term Tests. Although Tests are not at all a big issue at our prestigious college, where we enjoy the liberty to copy as much until we get bored of even doing that and where knowing the probable questions for the tests beforehand is much more like a birth right… still the frustration of writing the answers down on the paper for formality is immeasurable. Thus, nobody or nothing can reduce the importance of copying in our college life. Even the saintly souls who crossed the threshold of our college four years back worshipping the spiritual lambency of education have reverted to cheating having invested their brains to master the skills.

Well… such is the case with us guys and mind you we get a bit touchy with this critical issue and treat it with at most seriousness….hehe… Generally our strategic planning works well until this beefy guy turns up n spoils every damn setting!!!
I couldn’t contain this emphatic zealousness for poetry…as words spur out automatically whenever I think of this eccentric ludicrous lethargic nerd!

This will give a better idea-

” No limit to define this guys lethargy!
prefers to fail!, rather make it early.

Like always he commeth, as 'blank as a wall'
Relying entirely on frnds- me fote n all...

Beaming at us, beyond the crowd reverberating
we curse d fucking bastard! to spoil all our setting

Still, generously we accept him...widout a big fuss
but holla!!!...the fatso sits right between us!!!

Desperate yet musing, he peeps thru' binoculars!
"Bullshit!" he argues...contemplating over our answers

wat next? no bdy gets to copy...

We give up in the end...frustrated to the core.
only to find the asshole cracking a better score!

We admire u honey...
from d ice cool 'chond' to that ogre like trod...
but hell!!! Not Again! we solemnly swear to GOD!

phew......! “

The man in picture- “honey” in Harpreet, one of my closest buddies.

What ever be the case, it’s all over now. These are one of those memorable moments, no matter how frustrating, I would be missing ahead in my life. My foremost partner in crime during such college term tests happens to be an adroit manipulator in real life too- Nikhil Fotedar….others contributing to the coveted list include Tanmay Deshpande- daring and bindaas generally always careless and the first one to get nabed by the invigilators.... Sanket- always the most knowledgeable amongst all guys and a new addition to our gang Tirtha alias ‘chutki’- wears an inocent and confused look but always a helping hand...then there is Preetika-the college topper, though she belongs to a different category altogether, as she has never reverted to copying in her entire life!!! but has a bigger heart to provide all the help in desperate situations.... sitting to her left will probably make you the second highest scorer ;)

Ill miss u all.......

Sunday, 25 March 2007

TrekkinG DelightS!!!!!!

"The mountains are not stadiums where I satisfy my ambitions to achieve. They
are my cathedrals, the houses of my religion..." - Anatoli Boukreev and myself : )

The very idea of planning for a trek elates my mood to extreme levels of joy and enthusiasm and leaves me anxiously and desperately waiting for the day to come.
Often I keep imagining about what wild things I would experience and finally get lost in the thought process…as the plethora of joy and happiness is mesmerizing and enigmatic.
The night before the trekking day is always a sleepless one….obviously out of excitement but much due to the fact that we generally start our adventure at night itself so as to make to the base camp early next morning…(my friends hate me for this : ) ).

Trekking has a lot to do with attitude and preparation and being able to accept when things don't go as planned. Not making a strict timetable is essential. If you can't get somewhere, don’t worry about what you might have missed. Just enjoy what you ARE experiencing. The beauty is not just about the adventure and physical challenge that one experiences instead it is more about admiring the natural beauty of the place and I consider myself to be damn lucky to have such places nearby. The silence of the mystique peaks of “Sahyadri Range” (The Western Ghats) speaks loudly about their natural beauty and ancient origin. The mosaic structures of the hills provide astounding views of the ghats from top as well as bottom. The cool breeze that gently tickles past you playfully drags you to a different world altogether, away from the daily rush hour, and pathetic city life….where people have become ignorant about their claustrophobic environment having puffed nostrils and lungs stuffed with toxic polluted air.

Coming back to my own experiences, I won’t be unfair in admitting about earning the reputation of being much like an enthusiastic cockroach with broken antennas often leading my friends to no where and ultimately getting stranded on a lonely mountain all by ourselves…hehe… If I begin counting my wild experiences…..
The first time it was the ultimate rocking Jeevdhan trek (one of the greatest!!! treks our Maharashtra has to offer) where we were left atop the monstrous hill with no water, no hint of a trail leading down, no place to have a bonfire & chitchat, exchange spooky ghost stories to pass the dreaded night ; ) and on top of that we had an adamant ‘papaji’ insisting us to spend the night in wilderness …..then there was the Lonavala trip where we had the guts to climb up the hill under torrential rains on bicycles with wooden seats and no brakes : ) for a 25 km journey…. and last but not the least the recent one to Rajmachi….where our over excitement made us follow a fake trail and ultimately climb a ‘triple headed’ impenetrable stupid peak (named ‘teen-kane’-original aka ‘teen-shen’ (kept by mee) in marathi for its three heads) completely filled with thick dense shrubs and snake pits, pretending it to be the desired mountain….hehe…

I can’t forget any of them. I couldn’t have had all this fun without my mates as we all lived the desperate situations together tackling it with fun and this even helped in increasing the mutual bolding between us to a higher level. Thus I believe this post would be incomplete without their names being mentioned. Here they are:-

Tanmay aka Desi
Harpreet aka Honey or Papaji or Redundant-chond!
Dhanesh alias Marwadi or dhanno and many other names which I am not disclosing bcoz of public viewer ship ; )
Shantanu aka Sunny or Jhantanu
Swapnil aka Powar or h****i
Sanket alias ‘Tiger’ or simply called gawade.
Myself---- ‘Devar’ : )

We rock!!!!! So guys ready for another one?????
Well for experiences like trekking the kind of people one is with doesn’t matter until they are willing to face the heat and ready to accept the unexpected and of course love and admire Mother Nature… anyone interested to join our elite gang is most welcome : )