Thursday, 21 June 2007


Hell!!!(o)...I have come to write about my recent state of mind as usual.
This post is about something sooo boring that you will never be more bored by anything than by reading it. It’s about yesterday, yes 19th of June 2007 a day I wish to remember but again I am sure I will be bored to do such a thing. The fact that I am writing this post today is that I was too bored to even think about writing it yesterday. I was bored of TV I was bored of my computer I was bored of reading or playing anything and I was bored of my friends or rather they sounded bored of me. Can’t complain them it must be true because my boredom is very much contagious. I was so damn bored and I still am that I couldn’t imagine if I could be more bored in my life again. I wonder if there is a limit that my boredom still needs to cross to be declared at eternal boredom. I am too bored to even think about that stupid limit…I don’t even know why I am typing this post …probably in the hope that it will subside slightly just by talking about it! Is tooo bored more effective or very much bored sounds more distasteful??? Whatever I don’t care I am even bored to think about that.

Just curious...people have u ever felt dead and alive at the same time? Felt like exploding without making any kind of noise or without any element of force involved in it? C’mon even the fart carries a lot of these along with it. Ever felt like kicking your ass so hard that the vibrations caused by the impact can actually rupture your balls???

Well if not then you haven’t witnessed this infernal phenomenon called Obsessive Compulsive Boredom (OCB) very much different from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Now don’t criticize me because I stole much of the portion of the name from an already existing disorder OCD. I am too bored to come up with of any other name, besides this fits in just fine. If u think it doesn’t then you can very well blow up your PC coz this is my post and I have got the right to write whatever crap I want!. Boy….. some times being too bored can make you write a loot of lines just for nothing!

Well coming back to the crazy phenomenon called OCB. It is bound to happen at least once in every ones life. So be prepared to just spend a day in earthly hell. In this phenomenon one gets bored of every thing just about every thing in life, be it your most precious belongings or your most loved time-pass or whatever. Its intensity varies in magnitude and depends upon a lot of factors like:-

-Being too obsessed with the thought of having nothing to do and no body to talk to.
-Contemplating a hypothetical situation having no relevance to what so ever in real world practically.
-Stress from Girl/boy friends. Man this one is a real torture when one is suffering from lack of communication.
-Being too much optimistic about everything in life
-Expecting a priceless gift parcel from the “Prince of Al Badir” heh!
-Hoping against hope tremendously for receiving a French kiss from Catherine Zeta Jones that very instant! :p
blah! Blah!..…u can add anymore crap your self.

Now, How to find a cure to this Phenomenon????
NO cure! Absolutely. One can just wait for the time to drift by and wait eagerly for the next day to come. Next day the victim automatically feels much better because by then he/she is very much accustomed to suffer and suffer happily because they grow aware of the fact that it can’t get any worse!!!
The other way of subsiding it is by sleeping hardcore. Stuff your ears with as much cotton that makes you are deaf preventing you from hearing your own cries.

Is their any way to prevent it or postpone its occurrence??
Yeah plenty!!! I don’t know about it now and probably I am still too bored to think about it! Don’t bug my ass if u still wanna know how? The answer is just opposite of what all points I have mentioned above, God! I am bored but not stupid enough to repeat all those again!

Is there any advantage of this syndrome???
Many, if you come to think of it in a positive manner. You can blame everything that’s going haywire to your boredom at that moment and no body can even complain. If you are too desperate in the initial stages of this syndrome then you can divert your bloody mind to lots of loony and idiotic thoughts and thus can develop entirely new interests in your lives that you would never have dreamt of doing. In this case if your luck shines then you come out of this syndrome happy in the initial stage itself, but then you will have to be prepared to witness this sometime in your life again! Another advantage is that one always comes off good coz they realize that they have survived this syndrome and are still alive! And they know that it can’t get any more worse, so why keep beating the shit out of your head. By the end of this day you somehow realize or force yourself to believe that there is always a funny and joyous side to every f****** boring thing in life and you now try to pursue it with determination. Call it lowering your threshold level which defines joy to you or whatever it is effective and that’s what matters!!! :)

Phew! I can’t believe I can come up with so much crap about just being too bored... :)

Any more questions??? I believe I am coming off this syndrome now slowly and steadily and I am not in a mood to extend my boredom any further by continuing to write and prepare a huge thesis. I leave this task to you all. Your precious comments are most welcome!