Thursday, 30 August 2007

Morphing thru' Time n Reality

Turning around groggily, ebbing from golden rays
His body numb, eyes swell, seeking unfound solace,
For, insinuating this epoch, arrives another dawn
He still lay on his bed reliving the moments gone…

Feeling the bliss the joy the happiness and the green
The enthusiasm for life trailed by an ecstatic scream
When the days were glee and the nights tranquil…
The morning sun brewed up fresh hope and good-will

Innocence of a pigeon, negligence of imbecile
Grown up in a nest too cozy and irresistible
Groomed with goodness to be competent! not gray
There lived a lad, whom anxiety would never foray

As sun begins to rise, amid the cock-crow cacophony
Thoughts now stirring contemporaneous melancholy
There came a dainty angel of whom he was too fond
Doting her mystic ambience from surface and beyond

Incipient era saw, two seeds strikingly effervescent,
But fate lashed out hard, the affair thus left evanescent.
The sun shone higher, hurtling him back to present,
Writhing by reality, engulfed by lonely crescent

Now he wishes to acclimatize, to this unforeseen reality
That life is a steady change, as true as mortality!
With good old friends to the valley of joy, these days will never last
Life is to walk ahead, with lingering reminisces of the past! :)