Friday, 28 May 2010

Everyone for themselves!

Another incident of butchery from the extremist or Maoist backed wing in our country. Cold blooded manslaughter, disrupting economy, most of all, psychologically paralyzing the minds of those who happen to witness or those whose family members suffered the macabre incidents- this has been the norm lately. The outfit is deemed to be involved, directly or indirectly, in deaths of more than 200 humans in the last 5 months. So what do we make of this piece of text ?

We Indians prefer to live in a perpetual state of denial. We frequently encounter denial instigating events or phenomenon, which ascertains a certain fact that- life is no easy, every one has to face problems and your share is in so and so shape and form. And, in due course of time, one such event or phenomenon has to get replaced by another one. We never run out of them, because if we do, we would feel uncomfortable, that we have reached the ultimate stage of achievement and bliss; thus, there would be no further feat to achieve rendering our lives less meaningful and probably with lesser reason or motive to thrive and prosper. We are not innovators, restraining from changes, we enjoy the perpetuity of our lives. We do like to discuss elaborately of such events for a while, until a new such event grabs the limelight and the ball keeps on rolling. OK, I may sound a little overboard, but read the first para again you will not agree less.

The Naxalites, again unfortunately Indians, are also living in a state of denial. Apparently their levels of denial are higher than the rest of the country’s or at least the people’s representatives of the country – the politicians. Therefore they are unwilling to budge and hold their firm stance. They honor slaughter and killings of the innocent civilians, hoping to either crush the denial levels of the government or to threateningly raise it leading to a downfall, based on ethical and moral grounds. Obviously, they(maoists) steer clear of any ethical or moral obligations because the agencies which impose such accusations don’t seem to overcome their delusion of sentimentality. Ask why? In the wake of their(the agencies) incessant state of denial, they seem to assuage towards the weaker section of the society, in this case being the maoists. So, the maoist’s cause-driven criminality somehow attracts moral justification.

Apparently the Maoists do not realize that they are making the people, who they wish to revolutionize, their enemy and not the govt. Even if they win this battle, they would then have to convince the same people to accept and appreciate the beliefs which they preach and propose, the same people, with whom they are unwittingly distancing themselves now. Governments will come and go. Its not their war, it never was. In the wake of all these events, the maoists do realize that they will never be satisfied by overthrowing the govt. If that happens, by any means, then the maoists will be rendered no more fortunate than hapless monkeys left over a desert island. With no knowledge of governing and no body or constitution to support it, they would be on a ship to neverland with around a billion inferi trawling besides them who don’t care a shit about what Mao said centuries ago. The naxalites exist because the govt exist. Its like a cat and mouse game. If the cat wins, it will be bored alone. With no govt there’d be no meaning to their lives. Leave aside a hand full of rulers the entire maoist troop comprises of uneducated adivasis. So, from their perspective, winning could only come as the govt sticking around but bringing about a drastic change of policies across nation.

Almost two decades after our economy got liberalized, installing a socialist ideology would be next to impossible without the govt playing a suicidal role in it. So, now in order to bring a strong govt to a suicidal level of threat(a seemingly impossible dream, not because the govt is very much able, but majorly because the balance of money and power doesn’t comply with the equation presented) maoists are wracking their brains impatiently, as they too fear of getting bored of this age long game and seek to finish it soon, as a result of which they have engaged the afterburner - unleashing a fury of irritated attacks. Could there not be a work around for their problem? Could there not be a confirmed end of this instability? The two sides have driven each other so much beyond the point-of-no-return, that you cannot deny instances of foul play being involved from both ends. Foul play, would mean deeds motivated by the lust for power, money and revenge.

A saintly leader of current fazing times could only say to its junta, “brace yourselves while the enemy makes his final (which are normally the best & most aggressive)moves, as sooner or later he has to retire and rest in peace”
And we civilians can only do best to oblige and save our own asses, all by ourselves, while almost entirely banking on our fate hoping this dangerous game to end. The 'survival of the fittest' is not just a concept, its already in use.

That’s the way it is, and that’s the way it has always been...

Signing off...


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