Thursday, 12 February 2009

Dev D-fied !!

Although a great and very frank movie but this one disappointed me slightly...probably a 5 star critics rating had raised my expectations to enormous extents...that I found the film dragging a bit and becoming monotonous in the second half. A non smoker and non-drinker would definitely get bored and probably could hardly be able to make a deeper connection with the movie :P As in most of the movie the protagonist, Devender Singh Dhillon, (Abhay Deol) keeps wandering around the much coveted streets of Delhi in search of a body or soul to quench his thirst for sexual desires and at the same time, simply satisfy his deep rooted feelings towards paro, by actually not indulging in the act, being always drunk and heavily drugged, seen on a high 24x7!!

The reason why I got a little disappointed was because I could not find much conviction in Dev D’s character to relate it to the various extremities he traverses through his life...If the character was supposed to have gone through all that for nothing? Then in my impression Dev D was a weak character altogether...cuz screwing up ure ass to such enormous extents by your very own kind of bizarre foolishness...none the less, I can still guarantee you a fantastic time if you watch this movie out with friends or in a group. For best results, go on a week-end, preferably to a posh locality (as we did, last Saturday)...cuz with the “crowd” in the vicinity, you come out big and gloating :P :D

The first half of the movie is awesome...As all the characters are introduced by throwing a flashlight at their past. This takes you to a rhapsodic yet an emotionally gripping ride, meticulously coupled with deeply impacting sound tracks. Mahi Gill has played a typical Modern Delhi girl...a character, which I don’t think there is a need to describe in words :)Her character has all the traits of a typical dehlite-punjaban and she’s has portrayed it flawlessly...

Abhay Deol was no doubt excellent in the movie. His normalcy and calmness brings about a different kind of frankness in his attitude which was brilliantly casted in his role. His arrogance yet acceptance of his highly neurotic state is a cool combination...Unlike the previous Dev Dasses, this one particularly had the patience of pausing for an occasional smile...much at his own plight. Amongst his other austerely cool ways of doing things was, the way he used to walk in casually, roll up the Rizla(paper) and prepare a joint...jus like that!!

Now coming to the best feature of the film-it's "sound tracks". The songs are simply amazing!!! All of them.In case you have not seen the picture then also I gurantee that you will like a few of them, but after watching the movie, you will just fall in love with the kind of music, all the songs are composed with. The music style has its roots rather primitive, having a taste of “thet Marwadi/northIndian Hindi” in terms of lyrics and as well as background composition but are marvelously blended with modern rock and beats...with an occasional touch of trans the phenomena.

Out of all, Emosional Atyachaar (both live as well as rock version...thogh rock version really roxx!!!), Nayan Tarase, Pardesi, Sali Khushi, Duniya Badi Gol, Aankh Micholi, Ek hulchul Si, are my fav!...I found the rest of them also to be good in a way because they were situational and very well versed with the story...apart from having a touch of spice in them. :D

From his movie, director Anurag Kashyap highlighted the famous DPS MMS Scandal...and the victim of the scandal ultimately evolves into the character of ‘Chandramukhi’, who is named as ‘Chanda’ in this film...'Kalki Koechlin', as far as I know- a new face, has contributed to this role...Although I did not find her acting to be very impressive but still, her appearance satisfactorily justified her role...

Another one of the incidents, if we recollect...where the son of some Army big-shot had crashed his BMW and killed four people sleeping on the streets, has been utilized shrewdly by Kashyap in light of the creating that ray of hope for our man Dev D, to cling onto, so as to come out of his despairing state of affairs. He ultimately he does that, but only after he gets another big jerk of the sorts...

That’s one of the differences which you may find amazing in this modern version of Dev Das saga. Our new Dev Das actually never really wanted to die out of I could infer from the movie was that he considered sex and vodka as the safest refuge from the hassles of his love in a way that’s kinda cool!! :P Ultimately he realizes that ‘Chanda’ is the one, who can shower angelic love which he was desperately searching for or rather which he ought to be desperately searching for, in the end he grabs the new funtie and scurries away with her... :D

All in all...a great movie, different from the usual. Though not going with the critic's rating given by Times, I personally rate it around 3.5 to 4 stars...on a 5 point scale.

P.S. - A word of advice- Drinking heavily under dim lights and listening to Trans Music or even Dev D’s songs, immediately after watching the movie is not advisable. Your own love-life, even if all flowery can seem to look awfully’s an experienced voice that is cautioning ;) :P jus kidding...the songs simply rock!!!(otherwise) :D over all guys....Do Watch!!!!


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